Current Web Projects

Here are some web site builds that are currently in development. Web sites are fully responsive and primarily built using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Check them out and see how they are developing into fully functioning web sites.

Instant Harvest Magic Mayo web site

Instant Harvest


High-end UI, parallax, animations, marketing
OzeUrns web site



One page, animated background, minimal
Sticker Factory web site

Sticker Factory


High-end UI, animations, drill-down forms


Web Development

Responsive, Cross Browser, Cross Platform, User Experience, Search Engine Optimisation.


Databases, Content Management Systems, e-Commerce, Intranet, Server Setup.

Graphic Design

Design, Illustration, Icons, Logos, Print, Stationery, Labels, Posters.

Recent Web Projects

Here are some examples web site projects that have passed development and have launched live! for the clients.

All web sites featured here are fully responsive and each site has been designed specifically to meet the needs of the client. These web projects vary in complexity and some feature advanced UI options driven by Javascript and dynamic back-end content.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, CMS

Point Parking - Web site, Intranet & Custom CMS

The Point Parking project included correcting the existing server issues, redeveloping the companies web site, building the companies intranet and developing a custom Content Management System to control content in both the intranet as well as the web site.

Features: Secure login tiers, custom built purchase order system, automated database processes, custom HTML email templates, responsive Javascript script for formatting large tables, responsive image maps.

Launch web site
HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, XML

Point Parking - Stepped Process Form

Developed to present a large form in a way that is more manageable for the user. The form is separated into smaller sections and provides the user an indication of where they are in the process. The user can move between the different sections without losing any information previously entered. Fully functional form including date UI, validation rules and HTML email responses.

View Form
HTML, CSS, Javascript

Point Parking - 3rd party skin

Clean, minimal, responsive web site skin design with Point Parking styling. This skin was designed to be integrated with 3rd party software so Point Parking customers using the software get a consistent branding experience during their interactions.

View Skin
HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP

OzeClean - Logo, Product Labels & web site

OzeClean included graphic design of the company logo as well as the product labels, front and back, for their range of cleaning products. The web site was also developed to promote the products whilst keeping a spacious feel to the layout.

Features: Design and development of all of the sites graphics, pre-production mock ups of bottles and labels, server setup, FTP setup for transfer of large files, continued support for the other Oze subsidiaries.

Launch web Site
HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP

Ben Hall Roof & Driveway - Template Skin

Ben Hall Roof & Driveway is a web site template developed for Mixt Multimedia, for their client. The web site template was heavily commented and included a separate instructional file outlining all of the implemented frameworks as well as the construction methodology of the sites elements.

Features: AJAX load more functionality for the gallery and case studies (hundreds of images demonstrating the restoration process), before & after image slider, multiple forms.

Launch web site
HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, server setup

Pegasus Park Equestrian Center - Web site

A small web site with a big impact, built on a small budget. The client wanted a complete online solution. The project involved re-illustrating the logo, setting up the server and email accounts, preparing all of the images for web and ongoing troubleshooting and support.

Features: Non-standard layout whilst still being fully responsive, use of widgets to pull external content, such as Facebooks gallery, into the site to make managing content across all platforms easier for the client.

Launch web site
HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL

Ribbon gang - Web site

Ribbon Gang has a corporate styling whilst keeping an uncluttered aesthetic. The project has a strong focus on delivering a lot of information to the user; about the programs they offer as well as the products involved, as well as having a sales and marketing feel.

Features: Illustrated graphic image set to help break up all of the text whilst adding a consistency and unity to the branding and aesthetics, copy writing for products and services.

Launch web site
HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL

Etchcraft - Web main web site, 2 x micro sites

The Etchcraft main site has a semi-corporate styling; crisp and sharp to represent etching. The site is primarily a product showcase with linked information pages. The project included designing & developing two micro sites for specific large clients and for promotions.

Launch web site

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