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    Introducing Magic Mayo
    great taste, no waste

    Magic Mayo is now available for purchase

    Making the perfect mayo has never been this quick and easy

  • Delicious Mayo

    A delicious mayo
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  • Simply add water
    for perfect mayo

Introducing Magic Mayo

An instant egg-free alternative to mayonnaise.
Easy to make, great taste and no waste.

Developed and produced in Australia.
Proudly adhering to Australian food manufacturing standards.

We are Instant Harvest and this is Magic Mayo

The Magic Mayo concept began with a desire to create an instant, healthier alternative to mayonnaise, which is egg-free, gluten-free, contains no allergens, has 65% less calories than regular mayonnaise and is suitable for vegans. All this without compromising on taste and affordability.

What was created far exceeded all expectations and as a result the food-service industry can now offer an alternative to regular mayonnaise that ticks all the right boxes for contemporary menu design and food preparation.

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Magic Mayo

In the past, making homemade mayonnaise was quite a chore that involved a lot of whisking and slowly, slowly pouring oil into an egg & vinegar mixture. There was a potential of the mixture splitting and ruining your mayo. Not anymore thanks to Magic Mayo.


  • Instant mixing

    Magic Mayo is easy to prepare and does not need a qualified Chef or experienced kitchen hand to make it. Just add cold water and beat briskly with a fork or whisk for a smooth consistency, leave stand for 2 » 3 minutes until the desired texture is achieved. For larger amounts professional mixers such as hand held Barmix or a commercial mixer can be used.

  • Cost

    Magic Mayo is a low cost mayonnaise alternative. Refrigeration is not required and when ready to use is easy to make by just adding water. Magic Mayo is made in minutes and does not need a skilled Chef or kitchen hand to reconstitute.

  • Efficiency

    Only use what you need is the catch phrase of sustainability and provides minimum wastage and a long stable shelf life. Prep-time is minimal and stock is reduced as Magic Mayo is the one essential ingredient for many sauces.

  • Quality

    Perfect mayo every time, made to the texture you require. Magic Mayo is ideal for sauces, sandwiches and salads. Exceptionally thick and creamy, add your choice of flavours and create innovative sauces and marinades with excellent holding power in all hot and cold applications.

It couldn't be easier

Simply add water to get perfect mayo everytime

1. Add water
Simply add water to the Magic Mayo instant mix.
2. stir
Stir until the powder and water has combined into a consistent texture.
3. rest
Leave to rest for 2-3 minutes and your mayo is ready ... like magic.
  • Fat free

    Magic Mayo is a Healthier Alternative. No Fat and 65% Less Calories than regular mayonnaise

  • Egg free

    Magic Mayo can safely be consumed by pregnant women plus those with an allergy to egg products

  • Allergen free

    Magic Mayo does not contain ingredients that are known allergens

  • Lactose free

    Magic Mayo is lactose free so the whole family can enjoy the delicious taste of mayo

  • Gluten free

    Magic Mayo is gluten free so the whole family can enjoy the delicious taste of mayo

  • Preservative free

    Magic Mayo is preservative free so the whole family can enjoy the delicious taste of mayo

  • Vegan friendly

    Magic Mayo contains no animal products or other animal-derived substances

  • Halal certified

    Magic Mayo has been endorsed as meeting the Islamic requirements relating to food

  • Economical

    1kg of Magic Mayo makes approximately 4.35kg of ready to use mayo

  • Low storage costs

    With Magic Mayo there is no need for refrigerated storage for your mayo

  • Stable shelf life

    Magic Mayo instant powder can be safely stored at room temperature in a sealed container

  • Reduced waste

    With Magic Mayo you only use what you need, when you need it

  • Won't split

    Hot & Cold Applications. Magic Mayo does not split when heated

  • Perfect every time

    Magic Mayo is easy to prepare and can be done by anyone with perfect results every time

The Magic Mayo flavour profile



Mmm sweet ...



& zesty ...


Overall taste

Om nom nom.

Endless Satisfaction


magic. So easy to prepare
Mayo.  So delicious to eat

Mayo, the Multi-purpose condiment

Mayo is the base of many sauces and dressings. Add garlic and it’s Aioli. Add diced pickles and onion and it’s Tartar Sauce. Add ketchup and pickle relish and it’s Thousand Island. Add some mustard and it’s a Remoulade. Add saffron and paprika to aioli and it’s a Rouille. Add Sriracha sauce and it’s David Chang’s famous Spicy Mayo. Ranch Dressing is just buttermilk, mayonnaise and shallots.

Enjoy these Magic Mayo recipes for your own mayo masterpieces

Make your own sauces and dressings

Ranch Dressing

Add butter milk and shallots for delicious Ranch dressing.


Garlic Aioli

Make your own tasty garlic aioli, perfect for sandwiches


Thousand Island dressing

Add ketchup and pickle relish for delicious Thousand Island dressing.


Tartar Sauce

Add diced pickles and onion to Magic Mayo for delicious tartar sauce.


Introducing our Pre-Made mix

Ready to go straight out of the bottle. Magic Mayo is truly magic.

Commercially prepared and packaged, Magic Mayo is now ready prepared for you to use straight out of the bottle. You can still add your own flavourings to make all of your dressings and sauces or use the mayo in it's standard form.


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